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Favorite JTA Break of the day

From JTA Breaking News:

Activist: ‘Crusaders’ inappropriate in military
A Jewish activist seeking to contain the promotion of Christianity in the U.S. military complained about a fighter squadron that calls itself “The Crusaders.”
Airmen of the 523rd Fighter Squadron, based at Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico, “not only have invoked the term ‘Crusaders’ to describe their unit, they use blatantly sectarian religious symbolism on the patches they affix to their uniforms and the official logo of their unit,” retired Air Force officer Mikey Weinstein wrote in a letter to be published this Monday in military newspapers.
The emblem features a cross, sword and armored helmet. Weinstein leads the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which combats evangelism in the military.

Read an interview with Mikey Weinstein on here
Weinstein also brought forward a suit against the Air Force on October 2005. I wasn’t able to find the status of this case in the courts, so if others know, please share in the comment rolls.
{update} i’ve been meaning to find a good way to name drop people for the american way’s new blog called “right wing watch” and then forgot about it…a new blog “where you can stay up to date on the latest tactics and from the Right.”

2 thoughts on “Favorite JTA Break of the day

  1. The PFAW blog is a treasure trove of information to support making Aliyah. There is no place for Jews anymore in the theocratic USA.

  2. On one hand, the idea of America being a theocracy is ridiculous. There are too many Jews, secularists and non-sectarian Christian in power for that to be the case. PFAW is a leftist wacko organization. I was president of my Law School’s Federalist Society despite supporting drug legalization, legalized prostitution, enhanced protections for individual rights … The following year, it was presided by a Latino female. Nonetheless, PFAW found Federalist membership as the primary mortal sin. The Federalist Society is moe diverse than the Republican or Democratic parties, bu PFAW cannot see that breadth.
    However, this symbolism is unbecoming of our military. It gets in the way of the mission. The Crusaders should go.

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