Feds Raid AIPAC

WaPo reports,

FBI agents searched files and served subpoenas Wednesday at the offices of the major pro-Israel lobbying organization as part of an investigation into whether Israel improperly obtained classified U.S. information on Iran.

The search at the offices of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee was disclosed in a statement by the organization, which repeated it is cooperating “in order to get these false and baseless allegations put to rest fully and swiftly.”

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32 thoughts on “Feds Raid AIPAC

  1. Once most movement conservatives come around to the idea that Iraq was a mistake, it will be a short reach to find someone to blame. While our resident freeperlach friends hock us all about liberals and leftists, stay tuned to Buchanan, Novak, and other self-proclaimed oppressed conservative thinkers. No one does antisemitism better than the right.
    A small sample of greatest hits…..
    Pat Buchanan: “Likud has dragged our good name through the mud and blood of Ramallah, ignored Bush’s requests to restrain itself, and sold U.S. weapons technology to China…”
    Ron Paul: “Many neocons now in positions of influence in Washington can trace their status back to Professor Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago…. Paul Wolfowitz actually got his PhD under Strauss. Others closely associated with these views are Richard Perle, Eliot Abrams, Robert Kagan and William Kristol. All are key players in designing our new strategy of preemptive war.”
    Robert Novak: “Beneath that buzz was a proposed new strategic concept: forcible removal of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, which in turn would undermine the Saudi regime — the domino theory in reverse. The proposed American imperium would produce a democratic Middle East, safe for Israel.”

  2. z, you are right to site the above as antisemites (including the apostate navak who converted to his wife’ catholocism and seems to reflect buchanan 1940’s mindset of the catholic right’s antisemitism).
    whats inteesting is that you site 2 paleo conservatives who are considered by most conservative to be outmoded in the way that racists who belonged to the kkk like the democratic senator from w. virgin, byrd are from another era. + you site a libertarian whose views more often echo dems than repubs (anti war, pro drug etc.)
    but z, you have done what would get you an “f” in a history class, you have sited the odd exception to reality to attempt to paint a false picture.
    who is the right? the administration? its being ciriticised by the above paleos for being too pro israel. the christian fundamentalist? to our shame, they are more pro-israel than many jews, they made more visits to israel during the worst of the intifada than jews did.
    and who is the left? take a look at virtually any “peace march” of the last decade, and you see almost as many antisemitic/jewish signs as you do antiamerican signs. the college faculties (probably 90% democratic), where you hear more bile against israel and jews than anywhere short of the west bank (may i say the evil words noam chomsky?}
    and amongst politicians, we have democratic senator fritz hollings (bush is going to war for israel) recently reelected democratic congresswoman cynthia mckinley (antisemitic bile flows from her lips) john conyers and so many other democratic officialdom in the hip pocket of the antisemites.
    so z, quit using misleading quotes to build a false case: you know and we all know the antisemitism of today resides in the left, not the right (or perhaps you havent seen the antijewish riots at ucberkely, columbia, sfstate, etc) right now today you as a jew will be better received by the right than the left (unless of ccourse you go the adam shapiro route, rencounce your judaism, marry a palestinian, and attack israel and jews), you are fooling no one, probably not even yourself when you deny reality.

  3. avi, the reality is that what you call “the anti-war left” has no power, and cannot organize itself out of a paper bag. For example, recall the recent history of the Democratic primaries and all the certainty of the so-called liberal media on the ascendency of the antiwar cartoon Dean campaign, only to have John Kerry attract most of the actual votes in the Iowa caucus and beyond.
    On the other hand, conservative TV personality Robert Novak illegally reveals the name of a CIA operative while the New York Times’ Judith Miller goes to jail. The right has the power in this country, not the left. And I repeat, once most movement conservatives understand the mistake of Iraq, it will not be the Bush administration held responsible. The “Sharon made me do it” excuse articulated and developed by the conservative echo chamber will be the most effective defense. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but you heard it here first.

  4. “And I repeat, once most movement conservatives understand the mistake of Iraq”
    Huh? Why was it a mistake? Talk to me in 50 – 100 years and we’ll see what kind of mistake it was.

  5. shtreimel,
    It was a mistake to take our eyes off the ball in Afghanistan, and to lose patience with the no-fly zone/inspection regimen in Iraq. Of course there is no love lost for Saddam Hussein, but the rationales for the invasion, from WMD to al Qaida connections, have been proven false. The Pentagon is calling for 12,000 more troops, while Poland and Hungary are pulling out and the UK is cutting back. Now — not half a century from now — we’re stuck there with our ass hanging out, our kids leaving limbs and lives in Iraq, and no credibility before the rest of the world.
    So, how long do you and your fellow true believers really think you can go on faking success? Sorry, but we don’t have the luxury of 50-100 years to convince anyone, least of all those who are taking the hits, before they start getting pissed and looking for something to blame. And if the pattern holds, the administration sure isn’t going to be the ones to step up and take responsibility. Not when “Bibi’s Boys” (Buchanan’s term) and the “neocons” (Ron Paul’s term) are such low hanging fruit.

  6. avi green: “who is the right? the administration? its being ciriticised by the above paleos for being too pro israel. the christian fundamentalist? to our shame, they are more pro-israel than many jews…”
    “Robertson did offer a hint of rebuke for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. Only God could decide on transfers of biblical land, Robertson said” (NewsMax, Oct 4, 2004).
    Check it out. Christian fundies will even bust an Israeli Prime Minister’s chops for policies that don’t conform to their messianic mishigoss. How much more lightly will they go on schmucky little Jews like us with 700 Clubbers burying their kids for what right-wingnut antisemites like Buchanan, Grover Norquist, Dana Roherbacher, Novak, Ron Paul, and Paul Findley are already blaming us for?
    You understand as well as I do that the administration knows which side its bread is buttered on. Don’t be naive and pretend it’s anything but an internal conversation, not an open discussion. And please, for once let’s stop pretending that Christian fundamentalist support for Israel doesn’t come with any strings attached….
    “Jews need to begin to cry out for their messiah, Robertson said during a 40-minute speech marking his 35th trip to Israel. The Christian leader declared: I’ve met wonderful Jews in Siberia, Brazil, the United States, here in Jerusalem who are all saying ‘Yes, Jesus you are our messiah’.” (THE FORWARD, Oct 8, 2004).

  7. Zionista, it’s hard to take your fears of losing credibility in the face of the world seriously when your own credibility is sorely lacking. Specifically, when you make a statement like, ” to lose patience with the no-fly zone/inspection regimen in Iraq”
    I’m no kool-aid drinking neo-con, but gimme a break. What we have learned about those sanctions and the oil-for-food scandal is outrageous. The sanctions were crumbling, according to Duelfel’s report Hussein had a mid-range plan to re-establish his WMD, and we learn that France, Russia, and the UN were implicit and explicitly involved in the undercutting of sanctions to the tune of $21 Billion, including rather odd payments to one Kojo Annan by a firm under contract to administer said program.
    So to make claims as if eveyrthign was peachy and we just should have been more impatient is at best naive and at worst nefarious.

  8. “Any postponement of an attack on Iraq at this stage will serve no purpose,” Ranaan Gissin, a senior Sharon adviser told the Associated Press yesterday. “It will only give Saddam Hussein more of an opportunity to accelerate his programme of weapons of mass destruction.”
    Israeli intelligence officials had new evidence that Iraq was speeding up efforts to produce biological and chemical weapons, he added.

  9. Yossi Sarid, a leftwinger and member of the foreign affairs and defence committee, said Israeli intelligence had known Iraq had no weapons stockpiles and had misled George Bush.
    “It was known in Israel that the story that weapons of mass destruction could be activated in 45 minutes was an old wives’ tale,” he said. “Israel didn’t want to spoil President Bush’s scenario, and it should have.”

  10. Fruity Pebbles,
    We have been told with all certainty that we invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein was capable of deploying weapons of mass destruction, not because he had “a mid-range plan to re-establish” them. That is a loss of credibility. As a result, even the few allies we have left are starting to withdraw. Bush passes the buck onto intelligence, intelligence passes it on. Repairing the credibility of American intelligence is coming at the expense of Israel and Zionist activists (i.e. American Jews, us). Not by any “liberal elite,” but by the administration, the FBI and the movement conservative echo chamber.
    How do you trust these guys? Give us a good reason why the FBI’s investigation of AIPAC is going into its fourth year?

  11. Fruity Pebbles: “John, I left my cum stained boxers in your mom’s room. Be a doll and fetch them for me. Thank you!”
    Must be one of them “moral values” voters….

  12. AIPAC again raided by the FBI today. A source says this was a massive raid–the FBI surrounded AIPAC with cars, took stuff out, etc. “This is no joke,” he said….
    [Knight-Ridder]: “Investigators have interviewed people at the White House, State Department and Pentagon, the current and former officials said. They also have asked questions about whether Ahmad Chalabi, a prominent Iraqi exile backed by the Pentagon who provided bogus intelligence on Iraq, improperly received highly classified U.S. intelligence about Iran.”

  13. One of the most telling differences between the left and the right today is that right wingers generally denounce and marginalize the anti-semitic right wingers (for example, Buckley’s public denunciation of Buchanan), while on the left, at best there is silence. One of my favorites was when Joe Lieberman kissed Farrakhan’s ass during the 2000 campaign. Where’s the Republican parallel?
    And how many times can one person keep repeating the words “conservative echo chamber”? I guess we’ll find out.

  14. How the conservative echo chamber’s “liberal media” comes to resemble the Arab-Muslim establishment’s Zionist bogeyman….
    http://tinylink.com/?DHyXICGP98 – A wealthy Saudi prince has thrown his support behind media mogul Rupert Murdoch over the future of News Corp. Inc. [parent co. of FoxNews], after a large share purchase by US cable group Liberty Media triggered talk of a potential takeover bid, a report said….
    The Australian Financial Review said Thursday that Prince Alaweed bin Talal, listed by Forbes as the world’s fourth-wealthiest individual, had thrown his support firmly behind Murdoch.
    The prince owns about three percent of non-voting shares in News Corp. and offered to boost his stake if needed, the newspaper said in a report from New York.
    “I have the utmost confidence in Mr Murdoch, his management team and his succession plan,” bin Talal said, as quoted by the Review, saying that Saudi companies would be willing to boost their stake to defend his position.
    “If necessary, the kingdom companies and I will convert currently owned shares and purchase additional ones to increase ownership of voting shares in News Corp. in support of Mr Murdoch and his plans.”

  15. Zionista, as I said, I’m not a kool-aid drinker. Bush fucked up fair enough. But my post was about your credibility not Bush’s, might I suggest you reread and decide whether you will cowardly skirt my accusations or whether you will show some intellectual credibility and address it directly.
    As far as AIPAC, perhaps you can tell me why after 4 years of an FBI investigation there have been no charges pressed? Clinton-Whitewater anyone?
    And no, I’m not one of those moral voters. John Brown is a filthy anti-semite but his mom is hot.

  16. Fruity Pebbles,
    “It turned out that the sourcing was inaccurate and wrong and, in some cases, deliberately misleading. And for that, I am disappointed and I regret it” (Colin Powell, May 16, 2004).

  17. Fruity Pebbles: “So to make claims as if eveyrthign was peachy and we just should have been more impatient is at best naive and at worst nefarious.”
    The story doesn’t begin and end with the oil-for-food program. Kay and Duelfer both reported that between the policies that were working, namely the no-fly zone and the inspection regimen, Saddam Hussein’s threat was not even close to the urgency characterized by the Bush administration.
    And I never said anything about things being “peachy,” anyway? Of course you’ll doubt anyone’s credibility if you hang it all on a strawman like that. “Cowardly”? J’accuse, motherfucker!

  18. haha, solid! Nice retort, although you didn’t touch the AIPAC part. Adn what Duelfer also reported was that hussein had every intent of re-establishing his wmd programs, and was using his bribery and the feckless nature of the UN and the erstwhile allies we have in the world to wait things out until they dissolved. The story does not begin or end with oil-for-food indeed, but that scandal is a perfect example of why the UN is bankrupt, along with all those countries some feel we need to earn the respect of, and why the US must act in its own self-interest regardless of world opinion. Especially when said world opinion is more interested in bloody petrodollars than human life. No war for oil indeed!

  19. Fruity Pebbles: “…although you didn’t touch the AIPAC part. [As far as AIPAC, perhaps you can tell me why after 4 years of an FBI investigation there have been no charges pressed? Clinton-Whitewater anyone?]”
    There’s nothing to touch (and it’s almost funny, or would be if it weren’t so pathetic, how it all keeps coming back to Clinton in The Bushevik Narrative). Instead there remains little but the question you ignore, namely, Why four recent subpoenaes of AIPAC’s top leadership are even necessary in an investigation that you have noted has led to no charges? Is the FBI just having a little fun at their expesnse, or can this sort of apparent scapegoating be useful for some other reason? And why is Ahmed Chalabi’s name coming up in association with the AIPAC investigation by “current and former officals” (Knight-Ridder)?
    Would you like to consider these ideas, or would it make you feel better to hurl more insults?

  20. z, stop listening to pacifica radio, its warping your brain; get a job that is pleasant enough that you want to send some time on your career, therefor spending less time reading indimedia; and spend a little time reading the jerusalempost. with luck youll leave your world of conspiracy and join the rest of us.

  21. Also, Fruity Pebbles:
    Do you remember in Bush’s State of the Union speech, where he asked the nation to go to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein had “every intent” of “reestablishing” his “weapons programs”?
    Funny, I don’t remember that either.
    That’s the point.

  22. “…and spend a little time reading the jerusalempost. with luck youll leave your world of conspiracy and join the rest of us.”
    Go figure….
    “On Friday, Rep. Robert Wexler, a Jewish Democratic congressman from south Florida, sent a second letter to US President George W. Bush expressing ‘deep concern’ about the FBI’s ongoing investigation of the lobby group, and urging the president to provide members of Congress with detailed information about the AIPAC probe. Wexler called on Bush to immediately dismiss David Szady, the senior FBI counterintelligence official who is heading the investigation…” (JeruPost, Dec 5).
    Nu? So, where are our Republican friends?

  23. “z, stop listening to pacifica radio, its warping your brain; get a job that is pleasant enough that you want to send some time on your career, therefor spending less time reading indimedia; and spend a little time reading the jerusalempost. with luck youll leave your world of conspiracy and join the rest of us.”
    avi green • 12/05/04 12:10pm
    “If you go up against the elite media it will not be pretty. You will be branded a bigot, racist, anti-Semite, [a] homophobe. You will be called a fundamentalist, or an ultra-conservative. Elites don’t debate. They attack and marginalize” (Bill O’Reilly).

  24. z. glad you quote oreilly as an authority, i assume this means you agree with what he says about the libs; the dems? z, in all seriousness, dont know whether youre in school, have a job, or whatever, but if you selectively quote there the way you do here, youre not going to have a successful life.

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