10 thoughts on “Felt Tzisis

  1. That’s true, Ben, he might not be a rabbi (seems his robot is often better informed on halachik issues than he is…) He is dressed like a chassid though… What is his affiliation?
    I think I’m just grossed out by fake stripper breast in general…

  2. I suppose that we should stop assuming that all black hatters are perfect Jews. Many/most try real hard to keep progressing but they are humans like you and me, everyone is born into a different family, and everyone has to deal with his own personal problems, talents, weaknesses, and what have you.
    Get to know a haredi, and you might be surprised that they aren’t robots after all.

  3. ya’ll … he’s just “pious jew” … not a rabbi.
    though the thought of someone touching a woman’s breast after agreeing that it’s most certainly fake … urgh.

  4. there’s a rabbinic story of the rabbi who goes to caesaria to meet a prostitute, but instead of having sex with her, she comes back with him, converts, and marries him. you never know what will happen…

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