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Femme Fatale

No. I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to fetishize the women of the IDF. “Israeli soldier chicks are hot! Yeah! Jewish babes with guns! Are you touching yourself yet?!” Yawn. Enough of that noise.
Rather, I’ll just say, check out Rachel Papo’s stunning photography exhibit, Serial No. 3817131, which will soon come to the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Beverly Hills.

13 thoughts on “Femme Fatale

  1. I love the photo of the women with their guns in one arm, while trying to clutch onto their breakfast with the other, still in their pajamas.

  2. I think it was also in New York, no? In any case I saw a show in a gallery in Chelsea of similar pix (‘Women of the IDF’) a few years ago. Very moving.

  3. Forget fetishizing the women…what about the GUNS. Those poor things. They give the guys the sorter M4 with all the bells and whistles and force the women to carry around Vietnam era M16’s. Heavy and unreliable. Not fair. Zionist bastards.

  4. sorry shtreimel, gun assignments in the IDF depend on your unit and your role. Female combat soldiers do get the shorter lighter rifle with the tube stock – they need it because they often run with their weapons.
    Is it just me or has anyone else discerned a harsher more cynical mobius of late?

  5. What sucks about being a female soldier is how wasted most of thier service is. Most women do boring, mind-numbing work, are sexually harassed, subject to double standards, etc. etc.

  6. If I lived in Toronto, I would find M4s more sexy than women too. But hey – let’s put a cap on it lest we be accused of fetishizing guns. Unless what we do is take high concept art photography of guns and then display the pics at a gallery in Beverly Hills. Then it would be art and not yawn-inducing fetishization.
    So, to summarize – Jewlicious: Yawn inducing asturbatory photos of hot fetishized female Israeli soldier babes. Jewschool – stunning art that happens to have as its subject uh… hot non-fetishized female Israeli soldier babes. Got it?

  7. The pictures are actually quite stunning. The landscape in the pictures is, of course, beautiful. But the girls look so innocent. I don’t want to sound sexist or anything, but they have an innocent girlish look that suggests that they’ve been wisked from the playground and into these uniforms to carry out their national duty. It could be the same way with guys–18 year olds who suddenly find themselves responsible for protecting their homeland. It’s really amazing how human the soldiers appear. (Not to suggest that I thought otherwise!) The pictures are really striking, and the photo quality is also excellent.

  8. Everyone in basic training gets to longer M16s, boys and girls. As for the shortened M16s, they used to be rare status symbols, but the army realized that they were more practical and sawed off the barrels on tens of thousands of them. Now everyone in has ’em.
    Boys, stop drooling over the girls with their guns and come over and marry one of them. Without the guns, they ain’t that dangerous. I still have some freedom left.

  9. too many people trying to be too damn clever. female soldiers with guns in a variety of settings. a commentary on exactly what? zionism? guns as phalluses? sexism in the military? yawn……why can’t you all just stick to the subject: israeli women serving in the army. stunning photos. defending YOUR LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too much smart-ass edgy urban jewish ennui, i suspect, leads many out there to drape their own silly little opinions in “hip”(?) pronouncements. don’t waste our time with you pointless comments.

  10. I dunno, seems to me like you’re fetishizing but trying to put a patina of sophistication on the ogling.
    Hi ck, nice to see you around somewhere on the Internet.

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