9 thoughts on “Finders Kippahs

  1. funniest jewish self-deprecating/antisemitic joke i’ve ever heard:
    q: what is the definition of an antisemite?
    a: one who hates jews more than is necessary.

  2. A too-common observation of the knitted-kippa-faction’s mentality. I imagine a day where we’re more identifiable by our actions and words than by anything remotely physical.
    G-d is revered (and worshiped) in our actions amongst ourselves solely. All else is human-static.
    [email protected]

  3. jewish self-deprecation now equals antisemitism?
    if dude is talking about he feels superior to all other Jews wehn he dons the kipa, cool. if dude is talking about he feels superior to all other people, it’s anti-semitic. don’t get me wrong it’s still funny.

  4. Mob – We wouldn’t need to grow a sense of humor if this were actually funny… BTW, I used to consider myself a full-blown Jewish-Supremicist, which is probably why this cartoon (and The Jewish Robot’s last one about how it’s tradition that Jews rip people off in business) so irksome.

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