First Black Israelite Inducted Into IDF

The JTA reports,

The first member of the Black Israelite community to enlist in the Israeli army was inducted Thursday.

“This is an historic day of great joy,” Ben Ami Ben Israel, the community’s leader, said Thursday night at a party for Uriahu Butler, 18. “From now on we will be an inseparable part of Israeli society. Until now, other people sent their kids to protect us, now it’s time for us to pay our debt.”

The Black Israelites came to Dimona from the United States in 1969 after a short interim period in Liberia. They have Israeli residency and have fought for citizenship, though the government does not consider them Jews. By next March, some 70 members of the community are due to enlist.


2 thoughts on “First Black Israelite Inducted Into IDF

  1. ‘Baby’,
    there are many more Jews living next to the plant than this tribe who I’m not going to call the racist ‘Black Israelite’.
    Given that,
    there are many Ethiopians who served in the army, and I’m priviledged to know the first former-Ethiopian female officer.
    Aslo, whereas the Jews from Ethoipia had evident ties to Judaism and some even cried and sat shiva after coming here and being told that the Temple had been destroyed, I don’t think that the Dimona tribe is even on Amishav‘s radar therefore putting a big onus on them to prove their Judaism by converting like other ‘tribes’ agree in order to prove beyond a doubt their loyalty.

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