First “Crazy” Lefties, Then Shin Bet, Then Mossad

The four former directers of the Shin Bet were just joined by their colleague from the Mossad in harshly criticizing the IDF:

Former deputy Mossad director, Shmuel Toledano, launched a harsh verbal attack on Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon on Sunday, saying that the IDF under his leadership had lost its morality and military ethics.
[…] During the lecture, Toledano asked the participants: “How can you like the IDF the way it operates today?” He then turned to the Chief of Staff and said: “What do you intend to do in order to return our IDF and not your IDF, which is soulless and merciless. There is a feeling among the public that the IDF under your command has entirely lost the sacred value of military ethics following the death and destruction the IDF is spreading at checkpoints”.

Perhaps what the radical Left is claiming for the lest 3 decades isn’t that radical after all.

4 thoughts on “First “Crazy” Lefties, Then Shin Bet, Then Mossad

  1. Your forgot to quote this line from the article:
    “Toledano left the hall following participants’ protests and resigned from the council.”
    The guy basically got booed out of the place. So what’s your point? That there’s exceptions to every rule. Or that exceptions and “radical Left” Israelis should be taken more seriously than the majority. I’m not sure.

  2. Wow. Imagine if an FBI/CIA, etc director said something like that here in the states.
    The chickens are coming home to roost, indeed.

  3. Again,
    blaming the army for ‘problems’ is truly naive. Blaming a ‘leader’ for general problems ‘on his watch’ is ignoring that these ‘problems’ are long-term in growing and don’t just appear during someone’s term.
    The Israeli army is not seperate entity that operates within its own sphere, like in some banana republics. It is still a broad representation of israeli society. The army isn’t ‘sick’, it’s Israeli society ‘secular’ and ‘dati’. There is so much good, but in general there is no direction anymore and people are motivated by money, self-expression, self-achievement.
    Why are so many ‘simple’ mossad ops going bad lately, or rather appearing in the media? Why is there a machsom watch who care more about Palestinians than their own fellow Jews? Why is the army ‘soulless and merciless’?
    Because during the terms of former shin bet and mossad bosses, they fell asleep at the helm and have no qualms about critcizing others for their failings.

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