First Seattle, now Sydney

It’s nice to know that in a world as reasonable and rational as ours, no one believes in collective blame or displaced anger over any of the world’s situations.

Like, say, attacking Jews for the actions of Israel, for instance.

I’m waiting for this to happen here, in The Bronx. As is, we’ve had these lovely stickers plastered all over the neighborhood, a little too close to Young Israel Kingsbridge to my liking. Matter of time, I suppose.

5 thoughts on “First Seattle, now Sydney

  1. Monnk, have those stickers been popping up recently, or have they been around for a while? I know that here in Boston, there were a lot of National Alliance stickers up a few years ago, but I haven’t seen many lately. The National Alliance itself, which was once one of the bigger neo-Nazi groups in the country, was reportedly imploding over the last year or so, from what I’d read from folks who monitor such things. If they’re going up anew, I hope that doesn’t signal a resurgence for the group…

  2. Actually there was already an incident in Australia during the first week of the ISrael situation and they attributed it to the war. Did you read about what happened over the weekend in Miami, Florida?

  3. Matt Borus: The stickers are about three weeks old, and I imagine they were posted as an appeal to the latent Albanian, Russian and Irish population in the neighborhood, posted on a Spanish Episcopalian Church around the corner from Young Israel. They’ve been popping up here and there for weeks now.
    Town Crier: I didn’t hear anything about Miami. If you could post a link, I’d be happy to read.

    Hate acts outrage S. Florida Jews
    South Florida’s Jewish community was shocked by four acts of vandalism against two synagogues and two businesses that cater to a Jewish clientele.
    Two North Miami Beach synagogues and two businesses that serve the Jewish community were spray-painted with anti-Semitic graffiti early Sunday, prompting North Miami Beach police to launch an investigation and a search for the perpetrators.

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