Florida’s Kosher Prison Food Not So Kosher

“Jewish groups are criticizing the Florida Department of Corrections’ new program that serves kosher food to prisoners who request it, saying the food isn’t prepared according to the religion’s guidelines.

“Rabbi Menachem Katz of the Aleph Institute in Surfside, a nonprofit group affiliated with Chabad Lubavitch that works with Jewish prisoners, said the department’s kitchens aren’t kosher. Katz said it would be better to not even offer the appearance of kosher food than to serve food that does not meet the standards of Jewish law.”

One thought on “Florida’s Kosher Prison Food Not So Kosher

  1. personally i think for the most part a person should be happy with any meal they get in prison. You had to have done something illegal(which probably means breaking one of the thousands of jewish laws). If you already broke one then why worry about how your food was prepared? You can steal, murder, lust, squander, etc and be forgiven but eating unkosher food is just unforgivable?

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