Floridian Kaballah Cure

The wicked witch of the Southeast, also known as Rep. Kathrine Harris was the driving force behind a six month push to attempt to use “Celestial Drops” of “mystically blessed” Kaballah water to cure citrus canker disease plaguing Florida citrus groves.

Researchers worked with a rabbi and a cardiologist to test “Celestial Drops,” promoted as a canker inhibitor because of its “improved fractal design,” “infinite levels of order” and “high energy and low entropy.”
But the cure proved useless against canker. That’s because it was water — possibly, mystically blessed water.
The “product is a hoax and not based on any credible known science,” the state’s chief of entomology, nematology and plant pathology wrote to agriculture officials and fellow scientists after testing Celestial Drops in October 2001.
In the same letter, Wayne Dixon recommended that the state break off its relationship with the promoters of Celestial Drops.
“We have expended considerable effort in trying to responsibly deal with this group and their products,” he stated. “I wish to maintain our standing in the scientific community and not allow these individuals to use our hard-earned credibility for further name-dropping.”

The money quote: “Harris seemed surprised Friday that the product she once hoped might cure canker may be nothing more than blessed water.”
Full story.

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