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Epicurious, a wonderful food website and recipe treasure trove, has published a cool little blog called “Around the World in 80 Dishes.” I think it is a cool way to learn about the important food around the world and possibly cook a very tasty meal.
Clearly this is part of the way we win the war on terror... But guess what? Epicurious is now in on the World Wide Zionist Conspiricy.  Thanks to this site, Falafel, a dish invented in the Middle East (and eaten for the first time in pita with other goodies, in Israel according to the site’s research) has been stolen from the Arab world by the evil Zionists. You got to read the comments.
First Lebanon and the hummus.  Now Epicurious and the Falafel. Next stop: THE WORLD!

4 thoughts on “Food Politics

  1. First the flotilla, and now falafel?
    Could we perhaps have a story that doesn’t revolve around conflict? Like this amazing story I just read at JTA about an Israeli victim of Hamas terror who went back to meet with the family of the bomber. It’s totally engrossing.
    There. Now I feel better.

  2. Yeah. I read that story. His wife almost gets killed, but this is all about HIS feelings, and HIS therapy, and how HE come to terms with it all.
    Henny Youngman had the better attitude.

  3. Last year at PresenTense Institute, Manuela Zoninsein suggested and I agreed that epicurious should really be the Open Siddur Project’s model for helping one to adapt tfillot/recipes and craft their own siddur/cookbook.

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