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For Squid Alone the World Was Created

In an entertaining and provocative refutation of intelligent design, John Chambers writes,

Consider that, while we humans claim that the planet was built for us, it is roughly 3/4 salt water. If you measure the areas that we humans actually inhabit in any significant numbers, we are talking about maybe 5% of the globe. The giant squid (Architeuthis dux) is at the top of the food chain over roughly 70% of the globe. When you consider the actual volume of the inhabited space, the giant squid has a home range many thousands of times greater than ours.
So the evidence appears to be that humans were one of the experiments, good enough to let live but not good enough to be given a large range (or to redesign things like the eyes so that they worked better).
If this isn’t convincing enough, consider also that humans have a good record of wiping out large predators, on both land and at sea. Wolves, bears, tigers, and crocodiles have been reduced to tiny remnant populations in a few preserves. We have devastated the cetacea and are busy wiping out the large sharks, tunas, swordfish, and other major marine predators. There is one exception: Humans show little interest in the giant squid. Sure, we catch the little ones and eat them. But as for the biggest species, the giant squid, we almost totally ignore it, although it is a major predator in all the oceans. And if you are like most humans, you are probably thinking that this is silly. Who cares about a bunch of big squid?
This attitude is itself very suspicious. We seem to have a glaring mental blind spot here. Other large predators drive us crazy. We are terrified of wolves, tigers, bears, and sharks. Although few humans have ever been injured by any of them, we hunt them down and kill them on sight, because they terrify us. But a several-ton squid that eats large sharks? That is a creature that we just can’t seem to take seriously. Why would we ignore such a large, dangerous predator? Could it be that we were designed (“programmed”) to ignore just this one species?

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