Former Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Throws Fuel on the Fire

According to The Voice of Judea, “In his weekly parsha commentary, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu refers to ‘Palestinians’ as Amalek. Rav Eliyahu, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, said that the law to erase any memory of Amalek is very relevant in our generation. And that just as Amalek attacked the weary on the roads, on their way, so to the modern day Amalekites attack us with bombs on the roads. Rabbi Eliyahu calls for the annihilation of them-their children and their families-not merely the sealing off and destruction of the property and houses of the terrorists.”

Respected leader or not, this Rabbi should be “defrocked.” Giving credence to the preposterous contention that Palestinians are Amalek is, in fact, rather dangerous, as it feeds the delusional extremism of nationalist Jewish fundamentalists, much in the same low and underhanded way that Muslim clerics stoke the flames of hatred against Jews by suggesting that there is some Quranic precedence for their hatred towards us. This is clear by the reaction offered by The VOJ which commented merely, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo,” but worse yet, is exemplified in the actions of men like Baruch Goldstein (see the post above).

I claim that this contention is false, of course, because Amalek “is a nation that does not recognize G-d and His power.” If anything, you can not accuse Islamic religious extremists of being godless, as so much as you can secular Israeli soldiers. Further, Amalek “epitomizes the belief in nature.” I’m sorry, but I have yet to meet a Palestinian Wiccan, or for that matter, a Wiccan terrorist.

Thanks, “tzadik,” for making Israel look worse than it already does! As if the world needed more reasons to scorn us.

One thought on “Former Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Throws Fuel on the Fire

  1. he should have just said they’re not philistines, um, i mean “palestinians” they’re jordanians. and left it at that.

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