7 thoughts on “Forthcoming Doc on the "Modern Day Joan of Arc"

  1. Anyone else tired of the endless plethora of Holocaust movies that just never seems to stop? This season alone we’ve got “Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” “The Reader,” “Defiance,” “Valkarie,” “Good,” and now this. Oh that Hollywood could highlight other aspects of the Jewish experience.
    I’m not diminishing the importance of remembrance, but we should at least pay some mind to the effect that Holocaust-obsession has on Jewish identity. (In this regard, I’m recommending Avrum Burg’s new book, “The Holocaust is Over, We Must Rise From it’s Ashes” – a must-read.)

  2. I think it interesting and misleading that Ashrei ha-gafrur is translated as “blessed is the match”. That would be baruch ha-gafrur, and would have a religious connotation. Ashrei, though equally Biblical, means happy or contented without the necessary religious connotation which would have been out of place for a secular Zionist such as Hannah Senesh.

  3. Pretty sure this is already released….
    I saw it in school in my Facing History and Ourselves: Holocaust and other Genocides class.
    Perhaps they got a prerelease?

  4. Senesh and JoA were indeed both young, but what’s the definition of martyrdom? It’s not clear to me that Senesh qualifies. And in any case, their situations are really not comparable.

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