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Forward and BJPA joint survey: Israel and Park51

If you’ve got an opinion on Israel or  the not-Ground-Zero not-mosque, head over to The Forward / Berman Jewish Policy Archive survey Facebook page and make it known!  As these types of polls go, it’s actually quite good (although not, as one of our contributors lamented on an email thread, illustrated by Eli Valley.  Next year in Jerusalem, maybe).
I personally am particularly interested to see how the opinions on Park51 fall among Jews, especially those who describe themselves on the survey as having “followed the issue closely.”  We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “Forward and BJPA joint survey: Israel and Park51

  1. I would’ve liked a bit more sophistication- “Israel” and “Palestinians” are not monolithic, so asking if one or the other wants peace is an extreme oversimplification.

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