25 thoughts on “Four Murdered, Dozens Hurt

  1. I want to examine the video of the kill for a second. The off-duty policeman shoots the driver several times, and clearly in the head once as articles report.
    So why does the soldier confirm the kill again? Wouldn’t you want the guy alive to interogate him?

  2. KFJ, um, this guy plowed over buses with innocent people and posed an immediate threat to hundreds of lives (and fellow Israelis).
    The video indicates the heroic, off duty soldier, shooting unitl the guy is down. One shot does not necessarily stop someone.
    Thats all irrelevant though.
    The fact that an Israeli citizen would do something like this is troubling and reveals that we cannot trust ANYONE.
    KFJ, I’d point your attention to a story yesterday when an American Rabbi took a wrong turn and ended up in Rammalah (Thanks to Arabic signs in Israel) and was almost lynched before PA police rescued him and his kids (thank G-d he was American).
    You dont see Israelis lynching innocent people. People rationalize the lynching of Jews (occupation, abuse, stole-their land etc.) but when a heroic soldier saves the day we question his tactics?!
    Perhaps this Arab terrorist was suffering from PTSS and needed to express his grief . . .

  3. The fact that this man had an Israeli ID card illustrates, again, a danger in the path we have chosen.
    We need to separate ourselves, as much as possible, from the Palestinians, and ASAP.

  4. >>“The enemies of peace will kill any way they can.”
    The terrorist wasn’t running over cars full of “peace”. He was crushing cars full of Jews.

  5. I repeat my question: wouldn’t you want the guy alive to interogate him?
    Sorry that I didn’t have enough gushing sentiments of vengence to qualify my curiosity. I’ll borrow a little bit of yours and we’ll call it even.

  6. KFJ. You know the question is stupid, provocative and insensitive to those killed and injured and their families.
    Stop it.

  7. “We need to separate ourselves, as much as possible, from the Palestinians, and ASAP.”
    Would you then be in favor of “separating” East Jerusalem from West?

  8. >>“eric,
    that is exactly the terminology that enemies of peace use.”

    Huh? I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to. If you’re talking about the rhetorical and ideological focus of Muslim terrorists they do indeed target “Jews” as opposed to “peace”.

  9. Excuse me, to be clearer…
    “Would you then be in favor of “separating” East Jerusalem from West?”
    I most certaily would.

  10. Israeli Jews have lynched Palestinians before. It’s happened in Afula in a serious of famous incidents, as well as in Jerusalem and elsewhere – well before the 2nd Intifada. To suggest otherwise is either uninformed or willfully malicious.
    Lynching is indeed a bad thing – and it’s been done by all sides at this point.
    Oh, and Israel – you might want to end the occupation soon. Things appear to be getting worse.

  11. Guevara:
    For a thousand dollars dress like a hasidic Jew and walk into Gaza, Bethlehem or Ramallah.
    Hundreds of thousands of Arabs live and work among Jews daily.
    Your argument is pathetic. No, Lynching is not done by all sides.
    To equivocate isolated incidents spanning decades to daily bombings and killings and breeding hatred and Shahidism is bull*hit – thinking poeple recognize that.

  12. “Hundreds of thousands of Arabs live and work among Jews daily.”
    This is a problem in the long-run.
    Let’s divide the land in a way that Arabs will live in work in their own country, and so will the Jews.

  13. It really shouldn’t be a problem that Arabs are employed in Israel, but clearly it’s the source of exploiting vulnerabilities in Israel’s security.
    “Enemies of peace”? What, was “Evil do-ers” taken?

  14. It will be a problem if/when the Kennesset has 50 Palestinian MK’s in two generations.
    Let’s take matters into our own hands, and create a permanent border that will ensure our future.

  15. Kol hakavod to Chaim Ramon for telling the truth.
    From the English papers today…
    “One of the main reasons that the attack was carried out yesterday with such ease was because there are Palestinian villages that for some reason are called Jerusalem – Jabel Mukaber and Zur Baher. They need to be treated as we treat Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jenin and Nablus,” Ramon told Army Radio
    “These are Palestinian villages that were never part of Jerusalem, they were annexed to the city in 1967. No Israeli has ever been there, and doesn’t go near there,” Ramon added, continuing, “If the separation fence was west of the two villages, which we all call Jerusalem, it would have been a lot harder to carry out these kinds of attacks. It’s forbidden for [residents of the neighborhoods] to have Israeli identification cards. How many more Israelis will have to pay with their lives until this is carried out?”

  16. jonathan, as you seem to be pushing this jews only and arab only shtick real hard- what do you say about sheich Jarach neighborhood, or french hill, or mount scopus (or the roads to it to be exact), or gilo, or har homa, or the new road to ofra, or 443 (the parts that are in the mucipal area of jerusalem), or parts of ramot, do we get rid of those as well?

  17. You are right I am pushing it hard. I’d be willing to give up all of those places you mentioned, without a problem.

  18. if so, then you should really look at a map because Jerusalem would be in a bubble with Palestinians surroundig it. You would also have to remove hundreds of thousands from their homes.
    I live in Israel and don’t mind having 50 Palestinian members of Knesset, or a Palestinian prime minister for that matter, as long as he upholds democracy.
    I don’t think that will end my Jewish identity- I beleive in G-d and don’t need a state affirm my Jewry.
    As for Ramon, who talks about the need to remove those neighborhoods, be sure that he would keep in future-Israel all of those place i stated above.
    So that makes you honest and him a thief.

  19. I don’t know if I am honest or if Ramon is a thief.
    But you are certainly being honest about not minding if Israel no longer exists as a state for the Jews.
    I live in Israel too, and I do mind. But there is no way of showing that one person’s preferences are more correct than another’s.
    I’ll say, though, that if we are on the subject of keeping Ramot, ect., the best plan out there seems to be Yehoshua Ben-Arieh’s.
    According to that plan, Gaza can be literally tripled in size by extending its borders southward into Sinai. Egypt would be compensated by additional land in the Negev, and in the completion of roads/tunnels that would connect it to Jordan and the Gulf.
    On the West Bank, Palestine would encompass almost of territory, and would annex the Palestinian areas of Jerusalem, the Little Triangle, and the northern parts of the Negev (where so many Bedouin tribes live–although that seems a bit farfetched.)
    Israel would retain the Jewish areas of Jerusalem, and officially annex Gush Etzion.
    Such a plan would necessitate Egyptian cooperation, so it is unlikely to be implemented, but it makes sence.
    Ok, as Yael notes, I’ve beat this horse to death.

  20. On this American independence day, I look forward to an Israel not beholden to US military or diplomatic power to survive, and to a Jewish future not connected to secular notions of sovereignty and independence. I’ll settle for democracy and equality thank you very much.

  21. I give up.
    To everybody who considered my postings, thank you.
    And, to everybody on JewSchool, b’hatzlacha!

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