4 thoughts on “Fox News Affiliate Sings White Power Group's Praises

  1. If you’re somehow trying to relate national Fox News with the affiliate linked here, perhaps you should learn a little about the way those relationships work.

  2. Reading this post and the Fox article, it sunded as if this is just about preserving some white culture. It makes sense to a point. All ethnicities are trying to preserve their heritage. Black History Month. Sinco d’Mayo (whatever). Jews are all about keeping their heritage (Matza Ball Soup, Lox and Bagels). So if white folks have a heritage they want to preserve is that not their right?
    Then I checked our their site. typed ‘Jew’ into the search engine and was exposed to a diatribe of blatant anti-semitism. (These dudes are worse than John Brown.) For example:
    “Low and behold all you anti pro jew loving nigger loving pigs. The people of the world are waking. How much longer will you belive the evil jew lies? The Aryan people will be free!”
    Well that had me thinking.
    Then I see this post from GADDI (account Disabled):
    Have you ever checked to see what % of Americans hate you? Its like looking in the mirror on a much grander scale.
    You’ve already been banned three times because of idiotic posts like this. I warned your first incarnation, Inquiry, to lose the jewtitude. You still haven’t. Good-bye, again. – MD

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