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Fox Newsanchor loses job for "terrorist fist jab" jibe

So Fox has gone and done their most impressive thing since January 1990, when they debuted The Simpsons as their own TV show.
E.D. Hill, now former host of America’s Voice, has been sacked, and for good reason. The anchor let this bomb drop on June 6:

“A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently.”

She was referring, of course, to this:

This gesture (which is clearly a “pound”), which I am surprised seems to be largely unknown, has been that story the media uses to distract us from what is actually important. And for E.D. Hill, things got a bit out of hand. Video clips are abundant, and I’ve found via YouTube that E.D. Hill and/or her producers give viewers panty shots on a semi-regular basis (gross, reminds me of the old producer of Chicago Cubs broadcasts who was notorious for seeking out women in the crowd wearing bikinis–what do panties have to do with news, and what do boobs have to do with baseball?). And that proves my own question, is this crap even news?
Let me relay a quick story–On Lag B’Omer I was getting my hair cut in a fancy shmancy north suburban Chicago salon (to those who know me, try and contain your shock). A very sweet Polish woman was washing my hair and telling me about her life. She explained that 20 years ago she moved to America, she met her husband here, she raised her daughter here, and now she must move back to Poland. I inquired why, expecting to hear a sad tale of a sick or elderly relative. Instead, what she said surprised me to silence (for those of who know me, try and contain your shock). ” Because we’re going to have our first black president.” WHA? I said, “You know, he really might now win.”  She proceeded to explain to me that there was, in fact, a world-wide conspiracy in play. I thought to myself, no kidding! But we were not thinking of the same conspiracy… She told me of the international conspiracy to enslave the white race; she explained to me that Barack Obama was at the center of this; she said that she must go back to Poland because it was the only place to be safe, “since the blacks will enslave the whites, like the whites enslaved the blacks, Poland is safe. Poland never enslaved anybody.” I couldn’t even get the words out that he would be enslaving his own grandmother.
I blame Fox News for obscene thoughts like this. Their style of “news” as entertainment has dumbed the American populace (if that was even possible), has lowered the general bar for journalistic quality, possibly helped in the theft of a US election, and God knows what other horrible, demonic things.
“Terrorist fist jab,” give me an f’ing break. At least Fox has exhibited some morals and ethics in responsible journalism (HA!)–the sad thing is, she seems to have been quoting, according to the YouTube video below.
Here’s some links:
“the pound” with commentary video
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3 thoughts on “Fox Newsanchor loses job for "terrorist fist jab" jibe

  1. E. D. Hill has had her show canceled, but she hasn’t been fired. She’s still a Fox News employee and I’m sure she’ll rear her ugly head on that vile network again. I wouldn’t give Fox too much credit here. When things get too hot they just take the person out of the active lineup for a while and then put them back in later.
    I’d say good riddance about the Polish racist, but I feel bad for Poland.

  2. I agree that what happened (happens) on fox was totally vile, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to blame them for this woman’s being a racist. There were lots of racists in America before Fox news, and there sadly would still be many if it didn’t exist.

  3. “I blame Fox News for obscene thoughts like this. Their style of “news” as entertainment has dumbed the American populace (if that was even possible)…”
    You blame Fox News for the (bizarre!) paranoia of your immigrant hairstylist?! Isn’t it possible that, er, maybe something or other she picked up during her life in Poland whether in terms of culture, or religion, or values, or logical reasoning skills might be a bit more to blame? If not, could you point to any “news” report from any “news” network claiming that Barack Obama intends to “enslave the whites”?!
    And on the topic of TV “news”…. you blame Fox News for presenting “news” as entertainment?! For goodness sake–have you watched CNN or MSNBC lately??? Please! The entire medium of instant-on, Extra Fast cable/satellite “news” cartoon channels is to blame for the dumbing down of information. It happened long before Fox News joined in the games and the profits.

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