Franken Mulls Senate Bid

The Jewish Week reports,

Now that Al Franken is making noises about a run for the U.S. Senate from the very blue state of Minnesota, the question is: Are the excruciatingly nice people of the Land of 10,000 Lakes ready for Jewish shtick?
True, they put up with a professional wrestler in the governor’s mansion for four years, but Jewish humor about the mostly white-bread, pork-eating Midwest?
And a race in 2008 that would pit two Jewish transplants — Franken, the New York comedian, vs. the Brooklyn-reared Norm Coleman, a leading Jewish defender of the Bush administration who is known for his rather stiff manner? This in a state with a Jewish population that’s a whopping nine-tenths of 1 percent.

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5 thoughts on “Franken Mulls Senate Bid

  1. Total on-issue, like those totally weak moments on TDS where Jon Stewart looks into the camera, “outs” himself as a Jew, and that’s supposed to be funny or controversial or something. You think there’s so many Jews in New England to put Joe Lieberman into office, or in Michigan to back the various Levins? If they had no problem with that lying Coleman, who incidentally slipped in after the death of a certain Paul Wellstone (why, goodness, does that state have any gentile Senators?), why on earth would Franken’s religion be a problem? Well, here’s why it would be a problem: mindless hack writers who talk the kind of stupid gossip only possible when you don’t really work for a living, and myths maintained by certain Jewish cliques that manure-covered illiterate goyim out in the farms think Jews have horns growing out of their heads. Especially disturnig is this business about schtick, as if we were discussing a new stand-up routine: Franken’s run for the Senate might be a publicity stunt, but it’s not schtick he’s shooting for, it’s called legislating. Why not criticize Franken for jumping into the Senate with no previous political experience, or for not being able to write comedy at all except when material is handed to him (as with that freaking pervert O’Falafal), or some real reason? Don’t get us wrong, were we Minnesotans we’d be camapaigning for Franken, a welcome bit of fresh air, over that petty criminal Coleman who tried to smear a real servant of the people with documents already proven to be forgeries. But this story is just noise meaning nothing: after Wellstome and Coleman, suddenly Franken’s not allowed in to the country club?!

  2. OT: but but but zionista said Sharon was seriously pulling out!
    And indeed he is: pulling out of an unredeemable wasteland that costs more than it’s worth, and investing heavily where he thinks it will do some good. And the settlers will still complain in the shrillest terms possible, and the Palestinians will fail to see the “commitment.”

  3. Al Franken was born and raised in Minnesota! If he’s a transplant to anywhere, it’s to New York, and most New Yorkers are transplants anyway.
    And Wisconsin already has two Jewish senators.

  4. I’m a member of the frozen chosen myself, and I know plenty of people would totally vote 4 him. It’s not like he’s from New York, he’s one of us, plus he represents the dominant political views here.

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