Free Chayke Belogorodsky!

Arutz Sheva reports,

“My 14-year-old daughter Chaya has spent the past three weeks of her summer vacation in jail,” Moshe Belogorodsky laments, “and now they want to take her away because her parents oppose expulsion?”
“She hasn’t murdered anyone. Nor did she steal anything, assault anyone or sell drugs. All she did was go to a demonstration in ‘the only democracy in the Middle East.’”
Wednesday, Belogorodsky appeared in court once again as the public prosecutor attempted to have his daughter and her road-blocking friends placed in the custody of a family in an unnamed kibbutz until the end of their trials.
Belogorodsky described the accusations against his daughter: “Chaya decided to lend moral support to her friends who went to protest Ariel Sharon’s plan to expel Jews. What follows is a direct quote from the official indictment filed against Chaya. She is accused of standing on a sidewalk while her friends proceeded to block traffic. After her friends were arrested, a policewoman asked Chaya to leave the area. Chaya refused, saying that she wasn’t doing anything illegal, that she had every right to stand on ‘every inch of the Land of Israel.’ The policewoman, unimpressed, warned Chaya that if she didn’t leave immediately she will be arrested. To which Chaya replied: ‘So, shut up and arrest me then.’ That’s it. This is the case that the State of Israel has against Chaya.”

Taking a little girl from her parents and throwing her in a jail cell for telling a cop ‘where to stick it’ is a new low for the Sharon administration. Contact your congressperson today and demand they pressure the Israeli government to return Chayke to her parents! You can also find the e-mail addresses for each member of Knesset here.

19 thoughts on “Free Chayke Belogorodsky!

  1. You know what, this is a new low. I fully support arresting those who are blocking traffic. Lesson number one of civil dissobedience is that you have to accept the punnishments that come with it. You can’t break the law just because you don’t like something, but this girl wasn’t breaking the law.
    The only thing that makes sense is that if she was under arrest for assaulting a police officer, but yelling at the people in Israel isn’t assult, it’s a way of life.
    So let this girl go. Even the misguided have rights.

  2. they’re taking away people’s right to live in their own homes. who can expect this crooked government to value anyone’s rights?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

  3. TomC, read it again:
    1) THIS GIRL did not block traffic.
    2) SHE IS A MINOR. Even if she STRUCK THE COP, she would be released in any functioning democracy. At most, her parents would be fined.
    The suggestion that she be transferred to a foster family on a kibbutz brings up odious memories of the many North African children who were torn from their families to be “re-educated” in the ways of modern secularism and socialism.

  4. I agree that putting her in foster care or jail sounds over the top. However, why don’t we see such posts when the IDF or cops do worse things to non-Jews who didn’t ASK to be arrested, but are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. C’mon.

  5. Fuck Tali Fahima. She’s on trial, so if she gets off, fine. But if she’s guilty of helping the enemy, her name is shit and no punishment is bad enough.
    Stop with the bullshit “balance.”

  6. Meh, sounds to me like she refused to obey a couple of lawful orders. She was even taunting the officer, daring her to arrest her.
    The problem is that if the police allow people to flout the law with impunity, chaos will quickly follow. And from a professional perspective, the police simply can’t allow that.
    Make your statement, wave your placards, but OBEY the law.

  7. “And from a professional perspective, the police simply can’t allow that.”
    get off the soap box and take a bath people. if these cops were actually helping secure the joint, they wouldn’t be wasting their time incarcerating a couple of smart mouthed girlies. criminals? not quite. causing chaos? hardly. it’s called teenager syndrome and every healthy person should be inflicted with such ardent passion for human rights at some point in their lives.

  8. sure the girl has rights. conversely, sure the police and army can’t let the situation turn into real civil disobediance, and daring a cop to arrest her IS triggering that disobediance.
    then again, you’ve probably already got the dozens of pro Chayke protesters who are dafka taunting the police, so i guess the situation is NOW currently one of disobediance

  9. A new low ..?????? Poor girl as its written in the article “She hasn’t murdered anyone. Nor did she steal anything, assault anyone or sell drugs” ….hmmmm I cant believe this …..if this is happening to a jew young innocent girl …imagine whats happening to a palestinian …
    is this a government ? the people do not deserve this horrible government… 🙁
    Free Chaya ….^-^

  10. As a minor, she should not be in jail or seperated from her family, and I agree with the right to protest the disengagement in a country with free speech.
    HOWEVER, she was taunting the police offer after having already been asked to leave, without being arrested. She TOLD the policewoman to arrest her…she shouldn’t have been so surprised when it occured.

  11. Listen, Israel is not a democracy.
    Israel banned an ‘idea’ from participating in the ’so-called’ democracy.
    Kach can’t run and fully 1/3 of Israel is disenfranchised.
    We are seeing results from that playing out before us.
    The only sad thing is that foolish ‘right-wingers’ are too frightened to call out the truth. They are frightened of lefties and the corrupt israel government – they don’t want to sound ‘radical’.
    I don’t care if anyone else doesn’t like the truth.
    The truth remains: Israel is no democracy.
    There is no democratic way out. That has already been shut off- that is why it seems logical to me that only a revolution can change things.
    I therefore support soldiers refusing orders given by this tyranny.
    All those saying “this one or that one disobeyed ‘the law’ ” are full of nonesense. This is a ‘law’ of a tyranny.

  12. I would hope Israel would change as Soviet Russia changed. Hopefully as peacefully as possible. In either case it has to change- the way it is now cannot remain.
    Thats right Israel is not a democracy for all.

  13. Meh, the bitch deserved it. Dont fucking tell a policeman to arrest you if you dont want to be arrested.
    For fucks sake, if she was arab I doubt you all would give two shits.

  14. joe- i aint the smartest 20th century historian around, but to my knowledge the russian revolution was pretty debilitating to the country. true, the war was a major factor in that, but it took a tyrant like stalin to get the economy going at even a fraction of what the poeple had been promised. sorry if i’m going in a different direction entirely to what you are talking about (in fact i’m sure that’s what i’m doing), but hey- is that what you want for israel?

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