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free the slaves plz

At this time of year, the instruction is for us to see ourselves as though we personally have been freed from Egypt.
Very well; I’m free, and I’m thinking, Gosh; I sure do feel sorry for the people who are still trapped in slavery.
So I give to Free the Slaves.
I’m keeping track of what I spend on Pesach – wine, rubber gloves, jelly sweets, Easy-Off, matzah meal, tinfoil – and donating an equivalent amount. Yes, that makes me go OUCH DAMMIT, but then again, if you’re a slave, you know all about OUCH DAMMIT.
I say this not because I’m looking for congratulations, but because it would be super if you could take Free the Slaves to your seder and spare a thought for real-life slaves. Thanks. Chag sameach.

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