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French Jews Rally Against Halimi Murder

Tens of thousands of French Jews responding to the murder of Ilan Halimi, took to the streets of Marsailles, Paris and Jerusalem in protest Sunday, many brandishing the flag of the Jewish Defense League, the right-wing extremist faction founded by R’ Meir Kahane. For video click here.
A memorial service was held at La Victoire synagogue Thursday night, in Paris, and was attended by President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, as well as several local Christian and Muslim leaders.
Halimi’s distant cousin, Shmouel Halimi, a French ex-pat living in Jerusalem and an avid reader of Jewschool responds: “Generally, French Jews are right-wing. Sometimes very right-wing. We do not like Arabs. You need to live in France to understand this. Arabs in France are very violent and hateful. They attack Jews all the time, for years on-end. You can’t imagine the situation.”
When asked if he felt that “responding to hate with hate” is the right thing to do, he replied, “No, I prefer to focus on the light. The Torah is our force. But I dont like the Arabs in France. There is nothing controlling them. They are extremely racist. So, then, what? Should we love them?”

6 thoughts on “French Jews Rally Against Halimi Murder

  1. I have studied in France for a length of time and understand where Shmuel is coming from. I met some cool arabs there but for the most part they are anti-semitic. There are also many arab gangs out on the streets at night which can make walking home dangerous.

  2. Mobius,
    In part, I think your choice of words is irresponsible. Although the reality of militant young Jewish men in the suburbs feeds into the ethnic hatred of both Jews and Arabs, your employment of JDL imagery is misleading. Not only are the street gangs in the suburbs predominant Sephardi, but the Kahane movement was represented in small numbers. To further the bogus assertion that radical right wing elements have dominated the French Jewish scene is the same thing you speak out against when gentiles brandish all Zionists supporters of those living in Kiryat Arba. Halimi’s cousin, also, is one guy who you trust to speak for French Jewry.
    How does a mistrust of suburban Arabs translate to right-wing politics?
    Does that mean the Arabs are right wing as well?
    I don’t quite understand.
    – Eli

  3. Of course Kahana movement is a very small group but we all know, in France, that the racial hatred against the Muslims among the Jews and the non Jews as well is a fact and growing up. 🙁 Ilan Halimi za”l has been tortured and killed because he was a Jew. H’ yikom damo

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