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It’s been awhile since I took the opportunity to get out in the world as a musician. So when Golem invited me to open up their first few shows before they joined up with Balkan Beat Box, I was excited to take them up on the offer. DJ Anaan was in full effect at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland and The Red and the Black in DC (look for a mix online soon), but Golem blew me out of the water. Fresh out of the studio recording Fresh Off Boat, they are really on their game. The music is loud, the arrangements are tight, and the melodrama is high. And when you play Eastern European folk-punk that is foreign yet, via pop culture and the collective subconscious, deeply familiar,” that is a really good thing.
You’ve got another few weeks to catch Golem on tour w/BBB. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to see them outside of their New York habitat.
Whet your palate with their video clip for Warsaw is Khelm:

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