3 thoughts on “Frickin’ Typical

  1. dude! did you see the first episode of colin quinns comedy central show, tough crowd? He starts talking about the war in iraq, and saying, “you know… we’re basically only doing this cause of israel. maybe if we just… cut them off, told the arabs “here ya go!” then we’d be ok. what do you think judy?”
    cut to judy gold, noted unfunny jewish comic, mouth open in shock, struggling for words, saying something to the effect of israel is america’s best help out there, but just too shocked to be effectively funny for the whole episode. it was great.

  2. at our protest at carlyle monday, comedy central filmed us for colin quinn’s show. when i was approached by the producer to sign a waiver, i told her to take a flying leap. “there’s no way i’m going to allow you to use my image on a show that talks so much shit about jewish people.” she was like, “i don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s not malicious at all!” my ass, and your aunt.

  3. Mobius: You should be using Aaron Swartz’s NY TImes permanent links when you link to NYT articles. Otherwise, the links go dead after 7 days as this one has. With Aaron’s permanent links most NYT articles live forever (except for TimesSelect which hides behind a pay wall).
    E mail me if you’d like links to any of this info.

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