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Fricking. Flipping. Frack. Blasted Motherflower: At least three Lebanon rockets hit north Israel

Ha’aretz Reports:

At least three Katyusha rockets fired from south Lebanon exploded in northern Israel early Thursday morning, leaving two people lightly wounded and a number of others suffering from shock.
This was the first time a Katyusha fired from Lebanon struck Israeli territory since the Israel Air Force began its offensive against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on December 27.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday warned that should Israel attack Lebanon, it would suffer an even greater defeat than the one he claimed it suffered in 2006.
“We are prepared for every possibility and are ready for all aggression… The Zionists will discover that the war they had in July was a walk in the park if we compare it to what we’ve prepared for every new aggression,” Nasrallah said, referring to the Second Lebanon War.

A tiny bit more from the BBC. JPost points a finger at “Palestinian terror groups” and not Hizbullah.

7 thoughts on “Fricking. Flipping. Frack. Blasted Motherflower: At least three Lebanon rockets hit north Israel

    Israel has no idea what it just got into. Or it does, but it simply ignores it to get some retribution.
    God help us.

  2. Israel can respond, but not until the job in Gaza is finished, and ESPECIALLY not until it can gather forces and prepare to avoid a repeat of 2006. Otherwise, it’s not a “response”, it’s a petty lust for tit-for-tat revenge, and you know it.
    Do people know what military strategy and tactics are anymore?

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