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From the Annals of People who miss the point entirely

So, if kosher salt is what you use to kasher meat, then, what is Christian salt for – to convert the heathen unbelievers?
Christian Salt
“Retired barber Joe Godlewski says that when television chefs recommended kosher salt in recipes, he wondered, “What the heck’s the matter with Christian salt?”
By next week, his trademarked Blessed Christians Salt will be available from seasonings manufacturer Ingredients Corporation of America. It’s sea salt that’s been blessed by an Episcopal priest.”
The Episcopal priest should really have known better, don’t you think? Isn’t that like that joke about the rabbi giving brit milah to the exhaust pipe of a car?
UPdate: Atheist Nexus provides Atheist Salt in response!
atheist salt
Added bonus! a Christian response:”Some folks will buy anything if Jesus is slapped on it”

7 thoughts on “From the Annals of People who miss the point entirely

  1. Hey folks, what´s about “Pope-Salt” ? An extract of the Transpiration of Benedikt, that would be a better help against Aids than the use of condoms ?

  2. What´s the correct use of “Pope Salt” to provide Aids/HIV ?
    Taking a spoonfull “Pope Salt” before having sex ? No!
    Taking a spoonfull “Pope Salt” after having sex ? No!
    Taking a spoonfull “Pope Salt” while having sex ? No !!!
    Taking a spoonfull “Pope Salt” instead of having sex ? Yes !

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