From The Desk of Mr. Bronfman

The following is a statement released yesterday by Edgar M. Bronfman (it is based on the text of a letter he sent to Rabbi Shmuel Bloom Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel of America).

Comments attributed to me in the London Jewish Chronicle were both regrettable and misrepresented and I have apologized for my tasteless use of language and approach to an extremely sensitive subject.

I have dedicated the latter part of my life to combating threats to world Jewry. Through Hillel, the World Union of Jewish Students, Birthright, and March of the Living, I have sought to bring generations of Jews closer to their spiritual and cultural heritage. I have spoken hundreds of times in opposition to intermarriage and assimilation and I will continue to do so. Assimilation represents a clear and present danger to the continuity of the Jewish people.

Intermarried couples and their children, however, pose many questions and challenges for Jewish institutions and communities around the world. Jewish leaders must reassess our efforts to combating assimilation and disaffiliation. This conversation must take place in a serious, sensitive and respectful manner, if we are to succeed in reversing this trend.

Hillel. WUJS. Birthright. March of The Living. I hope Maoz and Schick are reading. (c/o TTC)

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