Frum with aplomb

Funky Frum specializes in “modest clothing that doesn’t sacrifice your sense of style.” Including – and this is actually unbelievable – wedding gowns that AREN’T backless, strapless, transparent or otherwise hoochie.
(You still won’t get me into a denim skirt to save my life. When I’m feeling frum, I usually like to bust the Elegant Gothic Lolita look.)

5 thoughts on “Frum with aplomb

  1. Actually, some of those skirts – not the denim ones – are pretty cute, and I’m not even a little bit frum.

  2. Why is the old SNL commerical for “Jewess Jeans” coming to mind? (BTW, when I went to google it the first link that came up was of course for Stormfront.)

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