Fuel for the Left

Likely to further cement the radical-Left’s disdain for the Israeli government, and perhaps bolster quite a few “Zionist Campaign Against Iraq” conspiracy theories*, the US is now brokering a deal to run a pipeline from Iraq to Israel. The proposed Haifa pipeline would of course strengthen Israel’s energy market as well as give the US a surefire ally in the Middle Eastern oil trade.

But this comes at a cost, no? Namely, the lives of 2,500 Iraqi civillians, perhaps the rule of International Law, and the glory of American democracy. Or so some believe, myself included. Still, perhaps this is just retribution for all the suicide bombers Saddam Hussein awarded with cash payoffs to their surviving family members. Either way, the US will reveal its real interests when we find out which Bush family friend gets the contract to build the pipeline. You can bet that company’s not gonna be owned by a Jew.

*Perhaps garnering this sort of reaction is really part of a greater Right-Wing Christian Conservative conspiracy to make the world dangerously unsafe for Jews so that they’ll all move to Israel, fulfilling a biblical prophecy that ends with the resurrection Christ. Perhaps said maniacs need to see Rowan Atkinson’s devil sketch.

One thought on “Fuel for the Left

  1. the pipeline was one of the great dreams Israeli’s have had for the longest time, since they blew their major oil source, the sinai, in exchange for peace with egypt.
    can you blame israelis for being excited at the procpect of inexpensive fuel for the first time in a long time? driving a car is one of the most expensive things you can do in this country.

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