Fun with Firearms

Download Brasco: Making Firearms Safety Fun (pdf format) from the Wisconsin based JPFO, or Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership.

C is for CONTROL – “Gun Control” is what happens when the people who run a country don’t trust the people who live in that country. The people in charge take away the other people’s guns so no one can do or say anything the government doesn’t like. Brasco’s cousins are suffering from “Gun Control.”


U is for UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations is a very bad organization made up of foreign countries who do not want you to be free. The United Nations doesn’t like your Bill of Rights, and they are trying to destroy freedom in America. Brasco Buddies are smart and they don’t believe the lies of the United Nations. If you believe the things the United Nations tells you, you will never know the fun of a gun.

I heart libertarians.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Firearms

  1. I was telling a weapon-loving (and drug-loving, but that’s another story) friend of mine during the summer back in the USA what Israel is like, and he was very interested in the fact that guns are everywhere. The idea of soldiers with heavy weapons all over the place made him somewhat uneasy, but he loved the idea that random civilians can just be packin’ heat with a pistol on their belt and it’s considered perfectly normal (as long as they have a permit, of course).
    He decided it might be a good idea to try and copy the Israeli system and somehow try to apply it in the USA. Of course, the reason so many Israelis are trusted by their government to carry weapons is probably the fact that they’ve gone through a few years of military training and discipline, but my friend thought that some kind of mandatory(? don’t remember for sure) self-defense and weapons responsibility training could be a good idea to get the American “few guns, lots of gun violence” situation to more of an Israeli “lots of guns, little gun violence” situation.
    Of course, he did admit that the *reason* so many Israeli civilians pack heat is not a price that he would want to pay for his imagined responsible weapon-loving society.

  2. Ironically enough, while I’ve seen some pro-gun Americans (and I’m not taking a posiiton in that debate here) hold Israel as an example with liberal gun ownership laws, the truth is that the requirements for getting a permit for a privately-owned gun in Israel are such that most pro-gunners wouldn’t stand for (which is kinda odd in a way; I don’t fall into any of the categories allowed to get a handgun permit, but I can carry an assault rifle when I’m on active Reserve duty – including when I’m on leave)

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