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Funny Bloggers Will Save Israel

Ariel Sharon’s ex-spokesman Ra’anan Gissin has some ideas for how to improve Israel’s image:

For example, Gissin said, instead of a giving diatribe about Islamic terror and Israel’s virtues, why not try telling a couple of jokes?
“You can make the same message by retelling 4,000 years of Jewish history and boring [your audience] or by telling two good jokes in 30 seconds.
What kind of jokes, you might ask?
“I don’t have any jokes!” Gissin blasted at a decibel level roughly equivalent to a steam train plowing into a drum factory.
“But young people, bloggers, could do a marvelous job of this counter-insurgency warfare in the media without using weapons.”

I’ll let you know when I’ve finished composing my list of everything wrong with this.

3 thoughts on “Funny Bloggers Will Save Israel

  1. Wait, wait — I got one:
    Moshe Katsav, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Jesus walk into a bar.
    I’m sure there’s a punchline in there somewhere.

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