Funny, She Doesn't Look Jewitch… But That Does Explain The Nose

“When it comes down to it, though, there are two main schools of Jewitchery. On one end are ‘Jewish witches,’ Jewish women who practice Wicca or another form of neo-pagan religion, combining their identity and spirituality practice with ‘Jewishness,’ if not actual Judaism. On the other end of the continuum are ‘witchy Jews,’ Jewish women who practice a form of normative Judaism — be it Reform, Renewal, Conservative or Orthodox — and infuse it with a magical perspective gleaned from the pagan world.”
[Update] The Jewish Journal is running a similar piece on Jewitches.

One thought on “Funny, She Doesn't Look Jewitch… But That Does Explain The Nose

  1. i sure everyone here knows, the traditional Hebrew name for the five cornered star is the Shield (or star) of Solomon. Eight corners is Abraham

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