5 thoughts on “Gawker Guy Becomes A Man

  1. Mazel…Mazel…
    Quick gripe about music over home vids. When asked where music is going in future, Brian Eno said that silence will/is replace sound/music. He said the combo of dl’ing music for free, and using it in all sorts of venues i.e. elevators, home vids, is destroying the special quality that music once played in our lives. As a result, we’re going to seek out quieter (think of all those noise cancelling head phones, where people are buying ’em to simply drown out noise, not listen to music more clearly) places and music with more silence.
    Anyway, 98% of home vids would be better off w/o the soundtrack. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. Shtreimel:
    The soundtrack was “In Da Shul” by 50 Shekel. You gotta appreciate the humor in that. Aaaaaaand………my spamblock word is Christian. I’m lovin’ it!

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