Gaza deaths stir Israeli protest

“The killing of Palestinian bystanders in Israeli airstrikes Monday in Gaza spurred remorse and calls for reparations in Jerusalem. Israel carried out a series of airstrikes that targeted buildings where Palestinian terrorists were suspected of producing and storing weapons. The 12 dead included some civilians. Israeli President Moshe Katsav extended condolences to the victims’ families Tuesday, telling Israeli and Palestinian peace activists that such deaths sometimes are unavoidable when fighting terrorism. Cabinet minister Yosef Paritzky of the Shinui Party proposed that the bereaved families receive Israeli government stipends of the kind granted to Israeli terror victims. The European Union and Russia also expressed concern over the civilian deaths.” (c/o JTA)

5 thoughts on “Gaza deaths stir Israeli protest

  1. Maybe the Palestinians can foot the bill for those civilians injured by Israeli air-strikes. This would be more equivalent, and keep the Palestinians from spending their “hard earned” European money on the bombs they construct to target civilians.

  2. maybe palestinians wouldn’t be blowing themselves up if they weren’t dispossessed by the israeli government who are gleefully bulldozing homes in the west bank.
    while terrorists belong behind bars, non-combatant palestinian citizens deserve reparations.

  3. if Israel must pay reparations to Palestinians injured in Israeli attacks, shouldn’t Israelis injured and (the families of those) killed by Palestinian terrorists be repatriated by the Palestinian Authority who back these attacks?

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