Gearin' Up for The Gaza Withdrawl

Xinhuanet reports,

A Palestinian security source revealed on Tuesday that the Palestinian National Authority and Israel have agreed about the evacuation from the Gaza Strip.

Add Bush and Mubarak’s backing and it looks like it’s gonna be a go, despite Yesha’s attempts to kill the upcoming Likud referendum, and the Right’s howling that the move “rewards terrorism.” The West Bank is probably next, but Sharon’s already intimated it won’t be in its entirety—news the PA is, of course, anything but happy to hear. Interesting (and offensive, depending on the reader) insights on the subject from the Arab perspective (by way of Disinfo) are offered by The Tehran Times.
Also of note, is the mention in the Independent (cited above) that Bush will likely give Sharon his “assurance […] that Israel will not be expected to adhere to the pre-1967 border, the ‘Green Line’.” What does that mean? The security fence which isn’t supposed to be a defacto border will be a defacto border? WTF? Who gave this jerkoff the right to unilaterally decide international borders?

3 thoughts on “Gearin' Up for The Gaza Withdrawl

  1. Everything shall change in November (or December, depending how long the Supreme Court takes to decide the election). Fear not.
    Added, remember, Sharon and a little Greek island affair? That too shall not pass.
    .rob adams

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