Genesis 1:29

Hazon just announced the opening of registration for Tuv Ha’aretz 2006. Go sign up– everyone’s doing it!
Tuv Ha’aretz is a Jewish Community Supported Agriculture project (a CSA) run out of sites in New York City, Washington, DC, New Jersey, Texas, and Long Island. CSAs let you buy and eat food that was grown by a local farmer, minimally-packaged, and grown in ways that support the health of the planet. CSA members commit in advance to buy (mostly organic) produce from a local farm from June to October. (The advance payment helps cover the farmer’s season start-up costs, which are usually significant.) In return, produce is delivered once a week to a central pickup location (in NYC, to Ansche Chesed). There are often subsidies for low-income folks, and any produce that is left over is given to homeless shelters or soup kitchens. Tuv Haaretz also sponsors educational and social activities relating to food and environmental issues from a Jewish perspective.
Join the Tuv Haaretz CSA to:
* purchase an entire season’s worth of local and organic produce at a better price than Fairway, Fresh Direct, or your local big chain grocery store
* support local farmers (in NYC, the Garden of Eve farm)
* build community (your Tuv Ha’Aretz veggies are an excellent excuse to invite friends over for a rocking Shabbat dinner!)
* learn more about Judaism and environmentalism, and about an expanded definition of what it means for food to be kosher (food that is not only ritually “fit,” but that is also “fit” for the Earth.

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