18 thoughts on “George W. Ahmadinejad

  1. my god, im so completely in love with you. no joke.
    we will find a way to make our hetero manlove work if its the last thing i do!

  2. I’m reminded of the pathetic little 5 year old boy next door who’s totally neglected by his parents – he too in a desperate bid for attention rolls his clothes in mud.

  3. Oh yes they’re very similar….because we just KNOW that evil George Bushitler is secretly beheading and stoning non-Christians in the White House basement. And planning and threatening to annihilate foreign nations with nuclear weapons….right?
    Some people draw comics, some people live in them….

  4. And you know what I’m reminded of? Those who say they are above comic books, and yet find time to read and belittle every bad comic they find.
    (No offense to EV’s talents, of course.)

  5. And “beheading non-Christians”? Just where do you get the idea that Mahmoud is beheading non-Muslims? Besides, Georgie has killed his fair share of Christians as Governor of Texas – who would want to behead heathens after that?

  6. “Just where do you get the idea that Mahmoud is beheading non-Muslims?” Ah, the Koran; the daily newspapers; utube; memri; etc.

  7. “Just where do you get the idea that Mahmoud is beheading non-Muslims?” Ah, the Koran; the daily newspapers; utube; memri; etc.
    Ahmedinejad is in the Koran? Funny, he doesn’t look that old.

  8. Ian, you are correct, more accurately I should have said that the Koran inspires Muslim’s beheadings of non Muslims.

  9. Yes, Incorrect, but B.BarNavi asked you where you had your information that Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was in fact beheading non-Muslims for the reason that they were non-Muslims.
    We know that there are Muslims who have done such things (most infamously and recently when Daniel Pearl was murdered) , but you specifically charged Ahmedinejad with this crime, and you were simply asked your sources.

  10. My bad: I only found a multitude of sources that AM called for the wiping out of Israel, and backs terrorists groups throughout the world – but I couldn’t find one in which he specifically paid one of his fellow terrorists to behead a non muslim (although I would expect that if you are the paymaster of Muslim terrorist groups who have a habit of beheading infidels, you might reasonably be held responsible when in the midst of murdering innocents they also behead them). So when burning in hell for the crimes he has committed (I know, we don’t believe in hell), the list of crimes won’t include directly beheading infidels.

  11. Love your work. I first saw it when you blew us all out of the competition in the Israeli Anti-semitic Cartoon Contest, which I thought I’d win right up until I saw yours, which took it to a whole new level. Very happy to see you here, with long format wonderful, engaging stories.
    Don’t you think Ahmedinijad looks like Gilligan?

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