German-Jewish Population Surges

“Germany’s Jewish population, already the fastest-growing in the world, is expected to soar by a third in the next two years, the head of the country’s Jewish community said yesterday. […] Paul Spiegel, leader of the Central Council of Jews, forecast that the there would be around 130,000 Jews in Germany by 2005, and welcomed the increase as a sign that Germany was ‘on the way to normality’.”

In related news, “The number of Israelis applying for German citizenship has risen sharply in 2003 and now stands at 3,000, an increase of 40 percent on last year, the Israeli Ma’ariv daily reported Tuesday.”

‘Normality’, huh?
Just last week two Jewish sites were vandalized in Germany: a cemetary and a Holocaust memorial. Is having some visible level of antisemitism in your culture actually considered normal?

At least there’s a bright side… Yiddish’ll probably make a comeback.

4 thoughts on “German-Jewish Population Surges

  1. It’s German Jews who residing in Israel who are applying for dual-citizenship. German citizenship means you can work anywhere in the EU. It’s economically beneficial to Israeli residents.

  2. I’ve read in the past that the motivation of these people is not simply economic, but in many cases it’s a case of ‘hedging their bets’ in case things get really ugly in the middle east
    Perhaps its just a coincidence, but the number of applicants seems to coincide with the escalation of violence

  3. many of those Jews who are going to Germany are from former Soviet Union as Germany has an open policy to welcome them in and offer good facilities to them.
    Also, Germany is trying hard to ammends for its past and cities like Berlin are actually quite good and friendly towards Jews these days.

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