German MP Claims Jewish Bolsheviks No Better Than Nazis

“Martin Hohmann, a member of the opposition Christian Democrat Union, said Bolsheviks of Jewish descent were the main perpetrators of mass executions during the Russian Revolution of 1917, and compared the bloodshed of that time to the Holocaust, in which millions of European Jews were murdered.”

Uh huh, and the fact that Jews—particularly Zionists—in the USSR were persecuted for their superceding allegience to Judaism and a Jewish national home, and that massive pogroms against Jewish people took place in the USSR before and after the Revolution is just completely irrelevant, right? And further, that the Jews in the Communist party barely identified with being Jewish and saw themselves as Bolsheviks as opposed to Jews doesn’t matter either, right? That’s like applying that old Nazi logic, “It doesn’t matter if you converted to Catholicism two generations back. You’re still a Jew.” What an ass.

Apparently, Mohmann also defended his remarks by comparing them to Henry Ford’s International Jew—as thought it were some legitimate, defensible document.

Hmph. Another antisemite in Germany. Who’d a thunk?

[Update] “Brig. Gen. Reinhard Guenzel, the commander of Germany’s special forces since 2000 and a 40-year veteran of the armed forces, was fired after writing a letter to lawmaker Martin Hohmann, praising his ‘courage’ for a speech that drew criticism from across the political spectrum and legal action from Jewish leaders.” (c/o Bycenator)

2 thoughts on “German MP Claims Jewish Bolsheviks No Better Than Nazis

  1. Why is anti-semitism so cool nowadays?…with self-hatred and antisemitism on the upswing, when I down on my self, call me ‘Miles Davis’

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