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Get Ready for INTERNational Talk Like a Pirate Day

Jews get ready, repeat after me, “arrrrrgh, would it kill you to call your mother?”
American Jewish gangster books, move over: apparently lots of pirates were.. Jewish. Tomorrow is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, so get ready to celebrate your Jewish pirate heritage.
..Tales of Jewish piracy, which stretch back thousands of years, aren’t in the public’s consciousness, and Hollywood even has been known to remove a pirate’s Jewish background. As a result, we’re stuck with portrayals of pirates as wayward English seamen on a murderous rampage. …
Kritzler has studied pirates for 40 years, and said that the public is fascinated with them because they’re “rugged individuals in a world of conformity. They carved their own identity, independent of the rules and strictures of society.”
But determining the exact number of Jewish pirates is difficult, Kritzler said, because many of them traveled as Conversos, or converts to Christianity, and practiced their Judaism in secret. ”
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7 thoughts on “Get Ready for INTERNational Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. Having done some research on Lafitte in the past, I’m not 100% sure that he was Jewish. There’s not much evidence out there. But, that’s not going to stop me from writing a play about him someday.
    One interesting thing that I read about him is that he once tried to set up a meeting between Karl Marx and whoever the US President was at the time (was it Jackson? I’m a Canuck.) That would have been interesting, huh?
    By the way, what did the Jewish pirate celebrate when he turned 13? His Baaaarrr Mitzvah

  2. Aye, aye, BZ. International ’tis.
    Can we look forward tomorrow to the temporary renaming of (pronounced like a pirate) MaaaaaRrrrrrabu?

  3. The funniest pirate thing ever was the sketch on SNL with Peter Saarsguard as the host. He was invited to speak at a pirate convention just cause of his last name! Chris Parnell was as usual drop dead , laugh out loud funny.

  4. idk, if you were a converso…i doubt if you’d be using judeoespanol…if you’re trying to keep your Jewishness secret you’re not going to be using language that distinguishes you as a Jew (ex, you’re not going to say El Dio, your gonna say Dios like the catolicos). Unless of course your on a boat with a bunch of other Jewish pirates, then you can all come out of the closet together and talk in jewspeak.

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