Get This Rootsman On Your Radar

davidsolidgouldDavid Gould is an intense, brilliant musician. Of John Brown’s Body fame, Gould has just released an album of Passover tunes remolded to reggae music. Feast of the Passover is pure, and a worthy contribution to my ever expanding catalog of new Jewish music.
Check out some. It’ll play your spine like it was a tsimbl.

4 thoughts on “Get This Rootsman On Your Radar

  1. there’s really nothing famous about John Brown’s Body. But I am really looking forward to hearing this nonetheless. If John Zorn puts his name behind it, you know it’s going to be good music.

  2. JBB have been around for a while, headlining shows at SOBs and Webster Hall here in NYC. There are pretty well known in the Reggae world as well, having opened up for folks like Burning Spear. This is David’s second foray into mixing Judaism and Roots, his first one with “Adonai and I” back in 2001. Haven’t listened to it yet, but thanks for putting this up, Eli.

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