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Get your countercultural clogs on

With the Jewdas4 being released, this Saturday sees a party at Elephant & Castle (show me a Jew who’s been south of the river, and I’ll show you…) brought to you by Jewdas – the people who brought you PunkPurim –
The Protocols of the Elephants of Zion.
Now, in the last few months, I’ve had lots of conversations with people about whether they like or don’t like what Jewdas do. I should say, in the interests of transparency, that I’m (a) not involved in the project at all, (b) do slightly know one of the people who runs it, and (c) don’t much like some of their politics.
That said, I think it’s fabulous that this kind of grass-rootsy thing is happening in London, or even the UK. There’s an incredible array of live music and DJs, the first public incarnation of the Jewas Beth Din, film, bagels, games. I mean, it really sounds like fun all round.
It’s from 9pm till 3am, and I’m guessing there’ll be a little bit of a queue (I know the maximum capacity of the venue, and I know how popular their last event was) – so I’d say get there early. And it’s only five of your English pounds to get in.
I love the way the Jewdas guys do funky stuff, but with a really knowledgeable Jewish core. I like the way they gather together the usual suspects, sure, but also people who don’t necessarily engage with the Jewish community. It’s not kiruv (and that’s great, because I don’t really believe in that), it’s just cool.
I’ll see you there. Although I’ll be late because I have to go to another party.

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4 thoughts on “Get your countercultural clogs on

  1. BZ,
    almost everything mentioned on Jewschool is in New York, with the occasional foray into other American cities, and to Jerusalem. Aren’t we Europeans entitled to have our events mentioned? Plenty of stuff happens over here-its not just a ‘hotbed of anti-semitism’……….

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