Gettin’ Hip with Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Finally arriving at the rather reasonable conclusion that no Jew wants to go to a hokey Jew-party (er, unless they’re hareidi), sponsors of this year’s Israeli Independence Day parties in NYC are aiming to liven up the scene with Israeli DJs, pop stars, and swank new venues.

Unfortunately, I promoted an event just like this last year (a 55th birthday celebration for Israel, which doubled as a fundraiser for victims of terrorism), and it was a total bust. We booked the ever-so-posh Eugene for the night, brought in a couple of Israeli DJs, and had a lovely spread of Kosher food. Thousands were invited, mere dozens showed. Apparently few Jews want to got a hip Jew-party either.

Man, I hope these cats have better luck than we did.

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Hip with Yom Ha’Atzmaut

  1. There’s a similar thing going down in Toronto Monday night… i think it’s gonna be pretty cool actually.. i believe that a clubs been rented and it’s being put on by the youth movements and Hillel’s jumping on the band wagon
    come on out

  2. Hillel at the University of Washington had a great showing last year. Out on the lawn in front of the student union, we had henna tattoo, info on israel, falafel, a hooka tent, and gave out free cupcakes to people passing by. And tons of people, lots of non-Jews. showed. might have had something to do with the free falafel 🙂 but it was was good time. Same thing this year if anyone else is on the UW campus.

  3. just a note Solomyr… i go to UW also… but not yours… why are there so many god damn UWs… I’m at U of Waterloo (it’s in ontario)

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