Girl’s Got Game

Further debunking the stereotype of Jews being non-athletic, Villanova’s star-female basketballer, Liad Suez, just so happens to be Israeli.

As Suez continued to make big plays against Temple, onlookers wanted to know how a star from Israel became involved in the women’s basketball fortunes of a Catholic university on the Main Line.

“To me, it’s not even an issue,” Suez said yesterday about her contribution to the ecumenical blend of the Wildcats roster. “I still have my Jewish identity intact. I don’t mind being in a place that’s different after being in Israel all my life.

“I think,” Suez said, being at Villanova “is a bigger thing to Jews in America who live in a society where the majority is not Jewish.”

Suez’s union with the Wildcats is one of two recent marriages. Last spring she was wed here to Amir Karni in a civil ceremony.

“Next summer, we’re going to have a real big Jewish wedding,” Suez said.

The 22-year-old is one of several Israeli women, past and present, who have made impacts at American schools.

Full story here. (c/o Protocols)

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