9 thoughts on “Give It Up for Brit Mila!

  1. The anti-circumcision crowd will give you negative stats about circumcision. So what? My impression is that, on balance, circumcision has no medical value, positive or negative. In the end, it is a *religious* commandment. For those who don’t care about Judaism, there is no reason to perform it.

  2. Ami, regarding the anti-circumcision crowd:
    The circumcised have no choice in the decision! The procedure can’t be “undone”… therefore it should not be performed at birth, where the receipient has no decision in the matter

  3. Actually ladies do NOT like circumsized penises; the lack of foreskin means that the natural lubricant in the vagina dries out very quickly which means painful intercourse !
    ANyway, a jewish argument can be made against circumcision ! check out : http://nocirc.org/symposia/sec

  4. Schneider is exactly right. The infants who are circumcised are not able to consent to the procedure and most parents are too stupid to learn about the operation before agreeing to it.
    Sarah is correct also. Most dryness during sex is actually the result of the dry, callused glans of the circumcised penis grabbing the woman’s natural moisture and pulling it out of her. An intact man has a soft, smooth glans because it is covered by the foreskin. This makes sex more enjoyable for both partners.
    I could go on about circumcision for quite a while. There are many excellent websites. One place to start is http://www.mothering.com/discu

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