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Glenn Beck impunes Israeli protestors for seeking social justice

After making “social justice” his sworn enemy in America, Glenn Beck is now turning to help the Jews purge these “Marxist code words” from the land of his Lord and Savior too. Beck on Israel’s largest citizen mobilization in a generation: “They are a group of Leftists that want to take down Netanyahu’s government and receive housing and food for free.”
American-funded tabloid Yisrael Hayom reported that Beck’s rally to restore courage in Jerusalem will feature American right-wing heavyweights:

Among others taking part in the event will be actors John Voigt and Chuck Norris, Senators Joe Lieberman, Orrin Hatch and Jim DeMint, and two Republican presidential nomination candidates. Also arriving will be a group of Congressmen including Eric Cantor, the highest ranking Jewish member of the House of Representatives.

(Translation here.)
Meanwhile, J Street commissioned a new poll revealing that Beck has barely 10% approval among American Jews (PDF).

7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck impunes Israeli protestors for seeking social justice

  1. I think someone should give Mr. Beck a little history lesson on Israel’s relationship with socialist policies…

  2. Er… to the first commenter: Apparently you didn’t take the trouble to read the survey.
    Glenn Beck is a disgusting antisemite, who uses the fact that he supports the Extreme Right in Israel to mask the fact that he holds a whole set of antisemitic prejudices and uses antisemitic imagery and language against his political opponents when they happen to be Jewish.
    Just like the Neo-Nazis in Europe, with whom the Israeli Extreme Right is also in bed. Absolutely disgraceful.

  3. “impune” means unpunished.
    did you mean “impugn?”
    re: glenn beck, such rage he inspires in me! the strong identification between the right wing in the USA and israel has confused beck to the extent that he thinks israel, due to its militarism and stance against arabs, which he loves, is also a libertarian wonderland.

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