15 thoughts on “Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's Syndrome

  1. The left doesn’t have to resort immediately to nazi imagery. They have a graduated set of terms to use in case they don’t like something, such as: hurtful, insensitive, bigoted, ,racist ,..(many many more)…,and of course nazi. The latter is something both sides use obviously.
    I was surprised to see that the nazi analogy got out so quickly in the case of Arizona. Like with the tea party protesters the left should have slowly built up momentum by using progressively (hey) stronger terms until they got one that stuck.

  2. dlevy! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been lately.
    FM, I’ve also been surprised by the vitriol directed at AZ, and so quickly. There was a girls high school sports team director that decided to boycott going to Arizona recently. The parents were outraged. Note that Obama doesn’t plan to do anything about it. They’re going to try to use this to rile up the hispanic vote for November.

  3. dlevy- Yes. I totally agree with you.
    But I think the vitriol is totally warranted. Shame on Arizona. Boycotts are certainly reasonable. I’m sure there will be people who “boycott” just because they don’t have any choice. Maybe they have the wrong colored skin or grew up speaking the wrong language. Maybe those people aren’t even immigrants. The whole thing makes me so angry.

  4. Have you read the actual law, Shoshie? Just making sure we’re all informed about what is actually IN this legislation, instead of taking the word of third parties to third parties.
    Speaking of Nazi Tourette’s, here’s something we might all find interesting, especially Jonathan1 and FM. I’m sure what’s his name with a camera and “feel the hate in X” will get right on this.

  5. Yes, Anonymouse, I have read it. It’s not particularly long. Which is part and parcel of the problem, no? It doesn’t give conditions under which people can be detained or questioned. It gives a hazy “reasonable suspicion” and “reasonable action” definition. What’s reasonable to a racist police officer may not be reasonable to the people he “reasonably” suspects are illegal immigrants.

  6. Shoshie:”What’s reasonable to a racist police officer may not be reasonable to the people he “reasonably” suspects are illegal immigrants.”
    Shoshie, it seems you care more about the “thoughtcrime” of a police officer accurately deducing someone being in the country illegally than the actual crime of being in the country illegally.
    Let me point out the obvious. People against the Arizona law aren’t worried about abuse, they are worried about the law actually being effective.

  7. formermuslim, no, I don’t care about “thoughtcrime.” I care about people, US citizens or not, being treated in an inhumane manner because some cops don’t like Mexicans. I care about protection of people who are from other countries and who are descended from people who are from other countries. Y’know, kind of like most Jews I know. Also, protection of newcomers is a fundamentally Jewish principle. That whole “ger yatom v’almanah” thing.
    There’s no way to tell from looking at someone whether or not they are an illegal immigrant. To pretend that you can is incorrect. If the law included use of some awesome illegal-dar, that would be another matter. The ends of finding and deporting illegal immigrants does not justify the means of profiling and persecuting people of color and legal immigrants.
    Sorry, B.BarNavi. 🙂

  8. “There’s no way to tell from looking at someone whether or not they are an illegal immigrant.”
    But it is possible to look at a police officer and know that they are racist. You’re more guilty of profiling than the police.

  9. Dude, I never said that any particular police officer was racist. I just said that racist police officers exist. Just like racist doctors and lawyers and rabbis and firemen and writers and taxi drivers all exist. Because there are racist people in the US.
    Please think and read before you accuse, formermuslim.

  10. And yet, this law grants more power to Hypothetical Racist Cops than anything. Since there’s no way to tell who’s here legally or not without extensive research, they go for the most obvious: Brown people que no hablan inglés. Unfortunately, a good number of those people are legal residents or citizens, leading to the problem as exactly described by Shosh.
    Besides, it’s totally unconstitutional, as it steps over powers reserved for the federal government.

  11. “They’re going to try to use this to rile up the hispanic vote for November.”
    No need – the very fact that this law was PASSED seems to have riled up the Latino population good.
    And everyone is subject to Godwin’s Law. The key point in Lew’s rant is that you’re being stupid for pretending you’re immune. Either that, or you really ARE a Nazi, as in a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party!

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