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Jewschool partners with Global Torah Podcast: Jewish text and global service

Jewschool is proud to partner with OLAM and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies following the launch of their new five-part series, Global Torah podcast. Hosted by friend-of-the-blog Shani Rosenbaum, the podcast features OLAM coalition partners and Pardes scholars discussing major global challenges and our role as Jews in transforming them.
You can listen to Episodes 1  and 2 below, as well as on OLAM’s website, via iTunes or on Stitcher. And come back on June 14th for Episode 3: “Bringing God Down to Earth.”

Global Torah Podcast #1: What’s Text Got to Do with It?

How does Jewish text inform our pursuit of development and global justice?
Their first episode, What’s Text Got to Do With It?, unpacks the question: how, if at all, does Jewish text inform our approach to modern global social issues? Featured guests Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy, Danielle Abraham, and Rabbi Yedidya Julian Sinclair weigh in for an expansive, enlightening conversation.
Global Torah Podcast Episode 1

Global Torah Podcast #2: Wealth and Our Nation

How might Jewish tradition and historical experience inform our role in the conversation about global poverty?
In the second episode, Wealth and Our Nation, guests Dyonna Ginsburg and Rabbi Daniel Landes of Pardes weigh in on today’s unprecedented gaps between enormous affluence and extreme poverty. Where is the place of the Jewish people within the conversation about how wealth should be distributed in our world?
Global Torah Podcast Episode 2

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