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Go the Fuck to Shul

Tablet Magazine and Marc Tracy did well with this parody of the instant classic Go the Fuck to Sleep.

It’s Yom Kippur, and you’re far away,
The last thing I want’s to be cruel.
I’m your mother, son, you know I adore you,
But please go the fuck to shul.

We don’t observe the birth of Christ, son,
This isn’t some lame fucking Yule.
It’s the Day of Atonement, a big deal:
Go the fuck to shul.
Go ahead, eat something beforehand.
Gay gezunt, no reason to drool.
I’m not asking you to believe in it,
Only to go to fucking shul.
It’s a depressing observance, I know.
Could make you want to hit the barstool.
It’s the day that you say you’ve been shitty,
Which is why it’s in fucking shul.

Cast me as some kind of tyrant,
Your very own lord of misrule.
Jesus, is it really so fucking horrible
For you to go the fuck to shul?
And yes I’m a big stereotype,
Or worse, just a big Jewish tool.
It doesn’t matter what you think of me, though.
Go. The fuck. To shul.

Tons of missing verses so you have good reason to visit the original post.
h/t BoingBoing

5 thoughts on “Go the Fuck to Shul

  1. I’m just happy when pop culture and Jewish content intersect well. Go the f*ck to Jewshul people!

  2. Meh. The parody contains anger not found in the original, and hence comes off as less charming. Also whiney, but that’s just a general me-peeve. Nice try though. (And I love your Chofetz Chaim responsible speech bug! My blog has one too, but I forget where I got it.)

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