"Goats are the Jews of the animal kingdom."

So says Aitan Mizrahi, a cheese maker at Adamah. He recently taught a group of people Hazon Food Conference East Coast how to make cheese with goat milk, and at The Jew and the Carrot you can learn how as well. On a totally different note, it’s fascinating that “goats are the Jews…” is slightly endearing, yet “Jews are the goats…” is horribly offensive.
Apparently Ben Harris at the JTA has video footage forthcoming of this cheese making session, and perhaps some reviews of the locally raised meat cholent, maybe goat?
You may have missed the Food Conference on the East Coast, but it’s not too late to register for Hazon Food Conference West Coast Dec. 23-26

10 thoughts on “"Goats are the Jews of the animal kingdom."

  1. Right on! You can use the same process with regular 2% milk to make like a cottage cheese, or farmer’s cheese… I don’t know what Americans call it. Mix in some raisins and it’s super-good for use in pastries.
    Has anyone else seen real mountain goats? When I was little I saw one very up close in the Carpathian mountains. Their feet are so slim, so powerful to hold up such a fat body and so incredibly nimble. Every foot lands on a rock face in the blink of an eye, with forceful precision. And those little horns look so cute, you may want to touch them, right up until the point that a steel ball headbutts you in the chest, throws your butt to the side like a twinkie and poops all over the place on its way out. Then you scream for mama. Yes, you do. Oh yes, you do.

  2. Having been at the goat shechting a few years back, I feel qualified to say that goat meat is not a treat to be desirous of. Blech.
    And @Victor: er, were you smoking something before that last comment?

  3. You just haven’t had it prepared properly. The best I’ve had was smoked, salted and cured by Bosnians. And no, although I have been awake for a solid 30 hours or so.

  4. hmm. I like goat cheese, but I don’t believe I’ll be waiting to taste properly prepared goat meat of any persuasion.

  5. making cottage/farmers’ cheese is SOOOOO easy, and it’s even easier and less involved if you use raw milk! not mention WAY healthier and tastier.
    on the meat front, i’ve heard goat meat is pretty stringy, but being a reborn omnivore after half a lifetime as a vegetarian, I’d like to try it some day! especially one raised and slaughtered at Isabella Freedman.
    And for more on the Hazon Food Conference from Ben Harris, look here: http://blogs.jta.org/wanderingjew/article/2010/12/13/2742161/food-for-thought

  6. Goat meat can be amazing, but I’ve had tough, stringy goat that, if that was my only experience, would not have made me want more. I’d recommend either slow-cooking or marinating it for a long time (like overnight or more) in something tenderizing, like lime juice.

  7. My reaction is there are times when I don’t know what the f-ck I’m doing in this place, but then guys like this remind me.

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